Our Story

Lion’s Den Strength & Conditioning is a functional fitness garage gym located in Old Town Walkersville, MD. The owner’s, John and Kelly, have had a passion for physical fitness since childhood. We moved to Walkersville in 2017 with the intention of buying a home with a garage that we could turn into a gym. We found the perfect property at 31 Maple Avenue, and immediately turned our two-story barn garage into a 750 square foot, state of the art, functional fitness facility.

After working out on our own for the past 6 months, we would like to invite the Walkersville and surrounding communities into our facility to join us in our life-long fitness journey. We want to build a fitness community that welcomes and motivates people from all different fitness levels. Whether you have been working out for years or have never worked out a day in your life, the Lion’s Den community invites you in to learn and grow, but most importantly to have fun while working out!


Why Lion’s Den?

Lion’s Den Strength & Conditioning isn’t like your typical globo-gym where you are just another number who enters the gym with a few goals, aimlessly walks around trying to figure out what you should do with the equipment, and then gives up on those goals with little progress after about a month.

At the Lion’s Den, John and Kelly will get to know you and your goals on a personal level. We will do all of your fitness programming, teach you the movements and coach you on your form and mobility.

We will teach you about nutrition, the importance of proper hydration and sleep, while also making sure that you are properly recovering and working on your mobility to prevent injury. It is our goal to keep you moving for the rest of your life. Fitness should be a life-long journey to keep everyone at any age moving and staying healthy so they can enjoy every day of the rest of their lives.